Cattleya labiata coerulea Natural World x self

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Lovely Catt. that is chewed. I've had trouble with slugs in my gh this summer as well. No
plants mauled, but the disgusting things are very hard to eradicate. Very nice dorsal
on this labiata.
Caffine seems to work as a pot drench. I buy cafine capsuls, make a solution of approx 800 mg caffeine in a gallon of water. Seems to Even work on bush snails.
If it is a valuable (to me) plant I just repot.
This is a picture of the flower from my plant of ('Natural World' x self). We don't know if it is from the same cross as yours or not. The flower is very similar to yours. View attachment 31908
This is a very consistent good quality selfing and most are good color and shape, like these two (and mine).

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