Cattleya gaskelliana coerulea ‘blue dragon’

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
A well known coerulea clone of this easy going species. It’s only day two of opening and the sweet scent is just starting to kick in.
One of the species that starts to grow in the spring and then flowers straight away. New roots follow after the flowers.
This clone is quite chunky in growth with shortish wide bulbs and leaves.
David, my only gaskelliana is also a coerulea (a selfing of ‘Expo Vallencia’) that I bought as a small seedling but it has been struggling for me. You don’t do anything special for its growth?
Mine don’t appear to need anything special. This one is on its second growth with me and it’s first flower, so I’ve had it almost two years In my windowsill conditions. Gaskellianas are reputed to require less light than some so it sits on the east, not the south windowsills.
Nicely done David.

This cultivar BD is one of the most important contributor to the breeding of big blue cattleya hybrids of today. It imparts its strong coerulea lip to the offsprings as well as the strong compact growth. It is responsible for adding summer to the blooming cycle of these hybrids. Unfortunately its open shape needs 2 generations of trianae or similar to round up. But it's vigor and small stature make up for it (besides the color).

Terry, gaskellianas need less water in winter as they are resting. Start watering more as you see the new growth, increasing until late fall. Feed well when growing and flowering. They prefer low to medium cattleya light and warm temperatures.
Big beautiful bloom! Gaskelliana got my attention when I learned that it is a major component of such important hybrids as C. Bow Bells, is strongly fragrant, and blooms around my birthday! I picked up a 'Newberry Delight' x self last time I was at Carter and Holmes.

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