Cattley labiata ‘guzman’

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
A clone from Hilmar Bauch and definitely the best blooming. Another catt enjoying Cornwall.
Its an old clone and flower shape may not be up to modern standards but it’s a nice thing with excellent colour and very flat sepals and petals.
The plant lost its roots about 18 months ago and has been grown in sphagnum ever since So it’s done well to come back like this.
David, flower seems large in the photo. What is the NS horizontal? Leslie gave a hint with trianae that our focus on round and closed for Cattleya seedlings might not be the only approach. Maybe some color forms or large size are best with configurations not round and closed. Three large flowers like you are showing could be a very desirable appearance.
Love that dorsal! Glad everything is settling in and blooming well already!
William, I find moss great for those plants struggling with poor roots. You can keep it far wetter than bark and still have live roots. It’s good for small plants and seedlings in small pots.
Oh boy David, that is a very pretty labiata! No doubt about that.
Some of these unifoliates with never have a fully closed flower. I really like the openness on some of these species. They possess a certain charm in my mind. For me, labiata has always been about the labellum, the lip. Simplicity and Beauty!!! Nice job David. 💕 😁

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