can u tell the different?

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I gave away a few last Dec and those paph bloom and turn out to be jackii.
I have about 30 of these maliponese.
Does any one have the exprience to spots the differents in Paph maliponese and jackii, just by looking at their leafs and marking?
jackii usually has much lighter foliage ( light green vs quite dark green for malipo)
From what I can tell from the jackiis (labeled as such) that I got from GNYOS show. Although I have to say no flowers yet so, I can not be 100% sure.

-The jackii leaves have smooth surface & thinner (the malipoense leaves have very rough surface, in fact the veins would be prominently raised if the plants are very happy & healthy)
-The underside of jackii has less red pigment (much more sparce) the malipoense has dense pigment.
-The jackii alba leaf underside has no red piment at all.
-the top of both jackii are quite similar, alba has more white background.
Jackii are not often seen sold (in fact I bought mine at the time I still collect phalaenopsis ,I did not even know much about slipper orchids and what paph jackii are, I just felt bad not buying anything at the stand if I talked to the vendors too long) So it was quite a beginner's luck for me in this case.
How did you happen to come across so many to give away? I believe they are quite expensive, you must have very happy friends.

By the way, If you post pictures of you plants close-up with number to them, I think SlipperTalk members can spot which one is malipoense & which one is jackii for you.
thanks for the informations.

i have 30 of these maliponese, i gave a few pots away... to trade for some other paph. These paph are like veg to me, cause they dun bloom in low lands conditions. Got them from a old timer who sold the whole lot of his paph collections to me. i am suprise that he actually have P jackii.

Will post a pic soon.

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