C. maxima

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Oz.P. ----- I recall that the tag has some information written on it ----- I will take a look at the tag to see if it has parents and/or origin information! Will provide an update very soon.


Update: Oz.P. ----- the tag just says tipo - highland - Nth Peru -- Sth Columbia
The tag didn't show any parent information there.
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The flower is fully open now ----- the lip has now properly unfurled. There's another spike and buds on a different bulb (buds seen toward the left-hand-side in the pic below) ---- and that other spike is growing pretty much vertically. This bulb in the pic here with the flowers --- grew on an angle, and the spike itself in inclined quite a fair bit (as can be seen hehe) ----- so the petals etc have gravity acting on them. My theme for this one was pretty in pink, or fairy bells!

C. maxima1_28-May2021.jpg

C. maxima2_28-May2021.jpg
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