C. maxima (semi-alba?)

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I purchased this little guy a while back, labeled as the upland variety (the smaller variety w/ darker flowers), tipo. (should be a standard pink/magenta color with darker venation in the lip)

It's just opening up, and to my surprise, this is what I got!

I'm still curious to see how the shape and color change as the flowers mature. The most open flower -just- opened this morning, so it isn't dilated yet.


Jul 29, 2006
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Great pictures, sometimes the flowers will become darker after a couple of days.


It did darken a little, but still has the very prominently veined petals. It's odd! :rollhappy: I hope that the flower size improves next time, this little (ok, not SO little) guy has been through heck this year with all the moves, though I think it REALLY liked the summer--grew like crazy.


Yes, the big move is yet to go. The GH is being inspected today (electrical). Once that is done, we can finish the heating and shelves and then it needs to pass a final inspection before we can move the plants in.

We had to take down the light room this spring, move the plants out back, they were there a month or so, then they were moved to my parents' garage, then to the back yard at the new house, and then into the garage at the new house once lights were set up. We're still in the Garage until we get the GH finished.

It's taken a toll on them. They aren't blooming like they should-- form and size really aren't what it should be on those that are blooming, others just aren't blooming. A few got a touch of sunburn, while others haven't been getting quite enough light. UGH.

I don't ever want to move again!!!!!! I was told to expect them to take quite a while to fully recover and adapt to their new home once we're in.

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