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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
patens is in the section Stenochilus. It differs from B. macranthum in having larger leaves and smaller, darker flowers. Warm temps shade and good humidity are essential but it has tolerated winter lows of 60 F well and has about 8 ot 10 buds this year. To me it has the fragrance of spice gumdrops.

I have it mounted on tree fern. The flowers always open facing the mount and resupinate. (there is a Restrepia hitch hiker on the mount)

Here is a pic of the mount

The view one sees is the backside of the flower and a bud.


I have to be a contortionist to get a view of the flower.


and here is what the flower would look like if you stood on your head :D

Cool Ron!

Mine went crazy this year with dozens of flowers (but its done now). I tried to breed it with some pollen from Picsri, but it didn't take. I did get a selfing to take though.

I call the fragrance "pumpkin pie". I think its the cloves fragrance that's in common to what we both smell.
Rick, could be, I will have to smell it again. This is the best blooming that this plant has ever had. One p-bulb has 3 flowers. Macranthum is just starting to spike for me.

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