Brassavola nodosa

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Nov 21, 2015
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North Carolina
I pollinated flowers on this orchid the first two times I bloomed it and they didn’t take... I thought it was me. This time I called someone I knew had experience with Brassavola. He asked me to read the tag to him. I read “Brassavola nodosa (4N) and that’s when saw in small writing underneath “x nodosa ‘Mas Major’ (2N). 4 + 2 = 3 right... lol
CF9C6414-0C9B-4D00-878D-C3ED529F8A9B.jpeg4 spikes with 11 blooms and 4 buds this time though
Ah the gift of words can give answers to many a dilemma!

Triploids are commonly created in the pot market world for two reasons:
1. strong growers with good substance to flowers, usually very uniform throughout the grex
2. to prevent further breeding by competitors

It seems like your plant is playing the second part well.

Though triploids rarely breed, they can with the right partner (possibly with another triploid or polyploid, but producing mostly sterile offsprings and therefore may not be worthwhile). So keep trying.

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