bloody weather

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just in time for the NCOS orchid show. I wonder if we will have ankle-deep mud in the sales tent again? :mad:

High in the 50s, rain and wind today, tonight and tomorrow - or something like that. I guess I have some orchids I have to haul in this morning or I can look forward to mush in a couple of days. If only the day temps were a tad higher, or the wind lower (so some parts of the balcony would stay dry), or just no rain....
Ya, I thought we were supposed to get this today, but now they are saying "partly cloudy". So, is it tomorrow? they didn't say....Only worry because of my light and the fact that we don't know if the leak is fixed (they blocked the huge hole in the wall but no rain yet). I was sort of hoping it would pour today while I was home so I would know one way or another.
argh. I didn't get to them this morning, and it's too dark now and I don't want to bother.... Hopefully I wasn't stupid enough to leave and "no lower than 70F" plants out there....