Bl. Sunset Glory

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Here's a cattleya-type that just burst open for me. It is growing in a 1-quart yogurt container (semi-hydro) and the flowers have been open for one week now.

~ Joff


:clap: beautiful...I love Bl Richard Mueller crosses :clap: That is one that I don't have in my collection yet. It is Bl. Richard Mueller x L. purpurata.
very pretty.
I have Bl Golden Glory blooming right now and I went to see if they are related (no, they just share a Richard M parent). But I did find out that there are Bl, Blc, Lc, and C Golden Glories.... Amazing that taxonomical changes haven't created duplicates.

anyway, I digress. Sunset Glory is cute, and given the name, I'm interested in seeing if it changes color too.

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