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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
This is a cross of Brassavola nodosa and Laelia pupurata. This is one of my favs and have 2 different clones of this cross. This one and the Remar clone. It was even nice enough out today to take the pic outdoors (even though you can still see snow in the pic

Very, very charming Ron; for me this is a very successful combination of the good features of L. purpurata (color, veining of the lip) with the special shape of nodosa (trumpet like lip). Is it a larger plant (like purp) or is it a more compact one ? Jean
we had a dusting of wet snow this morning! Checking the 10-day forecast has me hoping though. Temps around 60 for next week, even the lows are above freezing :clap:
It is crummy here - supposed to be 60 on Sunday as of two days ago - as of today, 40% chance of snow. Anyway...spring's coming. Grass is coming in, plants are emerging (I hear the hepatica is blooming at work), and it's muddy.

I just hope I can wear my new dress for Garden Party mid-May this year - last year I had to revert back to winter wear. sigh....