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bellatulum semi album (pink spots)

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Chicago Chad

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Apr 23, 2013
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I have a few of these guys and they look promising. I have a photo of the parent somewhere but they are albanistic aside from the pale pink spotting. They have not been offered here much at all. JC can tell you what his prices have been for them. ;)

I am not necessarily looking to profit from it but use it to trade for a species of equal uniqueness. I am open to offers of 'select' clones and/or species with albanistic traits.

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Yes JC, they are from Popow. I believe these plants originated from Achima or Janyaporn. Or both. They haven't wanted to tell me the exact details. I asked if they are originally wild collected and Popow believes they are not, while Janyaporn and Achima say they have seen them in nature and do exist, whether stable or not. I believe Popow told me that these seedlings are blooming stable and consist. So I'm clueless as to the true origin.