Anyone with experience of SMC (spider mite control)?

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not sure if this is available in Europe. I grow a bunch of catasetums and spider mites are evidently inevitable. I was advised to consider Talak and have had no issues when I remember to spray occasionally. Cheap too.
I only had good results with Avid on both Spider Mites and False Spider Mites.
I propose you insecticide - acetampirid- chemical name, they a lot of products from sygenta, bayer etc.
1 gr. with 1 l of water with some drops of soap.
Decis - deltametrine is nice product too. Bayer.
Of course you must treat them outdoors with gloves, mask etc.
I used Avid once twice before and it worked very well for me. To avoid any chemicals getting on you, wear rubber gloves, mask, long pants and long sleeve shirt.
To up the the treat , smc for focus technologies is strong, probably to much for orchids. I use it for some pphals and succulents preventive measure for newly acquired plant and for succulents the leaves wilted a little bit and one phals was heavily touched, like the succulents. The others were ok for now…