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Madd Virologist
Sep 16, 2007
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Pearland TX
No! Seriously, What is the name of this cross? I could go to the RHS website but I wanted to be lazy and see if anyone can come up with the parents and the name of the cross. I loved this flower(s) when all 5 where open last yr.

The colors are very close. The "true yellow" is more greenish yellow then bright yellow. Any guesses?

Ok, I have three to choose from,
1st, Lawless Kingsand, kolop' x Booths Sand Lady
2nd, Matiengos Condor, Mt Toro x kolopak
3rd, Mem Albert Eickhoff, stonei x kolopak.
My guess because of the dorsal and petals, #2, Matiengos Condor.
I think Roy may have it on his last guess.
Going to RHS is not always going to give you the results one desires. :( I can remember putting in a cross, even switched pod parents & coming up with zilch, which should mean it's not registered. Googled the cross, came up with a registered name, went back to RHS, put in the registered name & imagine that it's in the data bank afterall!

If Roy is correct it is Temptation, another consideration is Addicted Philip? (philip x adductum)
philippinense is correct as one parent. The other use to be call stonei 'Ruth Kennedy' BUT now of course, it's platyphyllum! I'm not sure if it's been named. I know roth by platyphyllum = Taiwan. Here is the whole plant,not the greatest pic. I'm hopeing for a new digital camera after Pres. Bush gives me the 1200 bucks;) But I love this plant for 15 bucks, good buy