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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
One from Krull-Smith's WOC river via Glen Decker. This is the second bloom and I'm pretty happy with both the color (though out of focus, the color is correct in the photo) and the shape. It doesn't have the freakiness of the round petaled OZ ones but it's nice and wide. I like that combination a lot!

(bear with me, still learning new imaging software...)
I really like it, Heather. I agree with what you say about it being full but not grotesquely so. Just lovely
Very nice! Between you and Eric photos I might just start expanding my phrag collection!!!!
Excellent form, color and shape...
this plant also comes from OZ Heather, ask Glen how he got this clone. Probably from Frank S and he got them from OZ...
Have a nice week and thanks for sharing.
Of course you know that you have the room.

OK, I'll bite. What is the leaf span on a flowering size besseae and how tall will the spike get? I already have a Phal. sitting on the floor outside the light stand so I guess one more wouldn't hurt.
The species can flower on a 12" leafspan and 12 " tall. If they don't get too stolonous they aren't all big. There area some compact hybrids also, Prissy, Mountain Maid, etc.

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