and to all, a good night...

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some call me brian
Jun 7, 2006
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Cape Cod
as i'm the guy who gets to work holidays and weekends, and as my employer was closed all week for a holiday, i have just finished my yearly 12 day week.
hope everyone has a lovely new year and see you after a well deserved weekend...
Session 2, 28 days in the hospital, lots of medications and side effects, spending most of it missing holidays. More bad days than good zones. I got through it all mostly by Bad TV, reading old post bold and new pictures. I ordered some orchids. The orchids order are begun arriving and the Grove order will be sent out soon. All in all, it could not have been much worse but the fantasies, wondering about learn how to be a better grower has been great.I also stomached wondered about what to do with my collection if my health took abother with my I collection if things took a bad turn healthwise, If it did. Who would I call. I live south just of Atlanta . I would hate to have them them wasted. I belong to another orchis society grower-but would feel better if these went to someone specifically specialized and experienced in paphs and phrag. Lastlty I thought a list devoted grower and their locales
may be good to have-this may have already been done.


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