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Yep, it's Paph. Magic Lantern season. I'm right behind you Fren, here's my ML. Thanks for looking. Jim.


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Very nice! This one looks the closest than any others I've seen to the one I have. Where did you get it, and do you know which clones were used?
Yes, it seems some of these old threads are being revived.

That was me. I have my first Magic Lantern blooming, and did a search of this forum for other threads of the same. It still could be Magic Lantern 'season' - the year is '07, but the date the thread was started was July 29, so not too far off. How long to they tend to stay in flower? I'm at 9 days so far. I'm hoping for a few weeks at least - most Paphs are long-lived, aren't they?

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