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Wanted South-American Bulbophyllum

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Mar 21, 2020
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Arlington, VA
Any South American Bulbo species for sale anywhere is what I’m after.

Ive emailed Bulbo-specific growers and even they had no clue. Ive attempted sesrching scholarly websites but the few there are are behind pay walls.

It’s possible that Andy’s has one or two, but looking them up shows they have an African/Asian distribution.

Thank you to any info or insights!
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Or nothing at J&L?

I think they will be at the upcoming NCOS Show in Davidsonville MD.
Again, all are Asian/Austronesian. Believe me when I say I am reaching out here as a last resort. I have scoured every imaginable seller, and only Andy’s has possibly had one or two species, but I found that they were misidentified and actually have African distribution as well, so not really South American genes.