(A very shy) Paph. Mint Chocolate

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May 29, 2021
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Not currently in bloom; these are pics from a few months ago.

The bud on this one developed very slowly and, for some reason, it didn't spread out all the way, despite having been open for three weeks at the time it was photographed. Despite the hiccup, however, the flower did provide a sneak peak of what's to come as it matures. The color was a rich avocado green, which faded to a bright chartreuse as the flower aged. The petals and dorsal were overlaid with a fine burgundy reticulation and, most endearingly of all, the staminode had a heart-shaped marking stamped right in the middle.

I spread the petals open out of curiosity and it turns out that the flower would have had very good form if it had decided to unfurl completely. I'm definitely excited to how things look next year.