A Few Neos in Bud/Bloom

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Everyone is doing well.

Kasen is showing five buds well above the leaves.


Manju has some flowers open now and a lot more to open in the coming days.



I only got to enjoy Gojo flowers for two days as I pollinated them and all the flowers began to wilt the next day.
That was about three days ago and I can already see the ovary swelling up.
Very speedy process on these guys! :)

One ovary on (Kinrokaku x Goji fukurin) is swelling up. Kinrokaku x Rhy. gigantean failed. Dang it!!!

Three ovaries on (Gojo fukurin x Kinrokaku) are swelling up.
Gojo fukurin x Rhy. gigantean is hanging on and but it not swelling up.

I still have tons of pollen of Rhy. gigantean from this past winter, and will try on other neos but I suspect if the Rhy. gigantean pollen are too dry or genetic mismatch.
Keep trying! V. falcata x Rhy. gigantea makes a wonderful plant! (Vandachostylis Pinky)

Your Manjushage, btw, is very nice. I want it. :p

I have Tsushima Ryokuhou and Suigai currently in bud.
I will! :D

Tsushima ryokuhou has shiny leaves, right?
Does it have regular shape flowers?

What happened to your Manjushage?
I have a division, but it is not doing so well. :(
Kinrokaku with a developing ovary. It is yellow, which I thought was a dying one, but it is getting bigger.
A second spike is on its way.


The one facing down is not looking good.


First blooming Amami seedling! 5 flower count, not bad for a first time! :)


A "recovering" Kinrokaku with its spike bearing six buds.

I will! :D

Tsushima ryokuhou has shiny leaves, right?
Does it have regular shape flowers?

What happened to your Manjushage?
I have a division, but it is not doing so well. :(

Its leaves are shiny, and they look like they are trying to variegate. :clap:
Flowers are standard for the species.

One large Manjushage was given away several years ago, and I lost a small one to black spot disease a few years ago. Both had nice form and flowers. I haven't had one since.
I like smaller plants with standard flowers that hold up well above the foliage.
I would like to make some cross using those with colored varieties and hybrids.
Overexposure, but the flower has some pink here and there.
The spike itself is beautiful red.


Pure white flowers.
Unfortunately, new growths are showing too much green and lines instead of fukurin characteristics.


Kasen. Slight

Kinroukaku. This is the burned guy earlier this year, and also the yellow had nearly disappeared since last year. The yellow is coming back slowly in the last three weeks, though! So happy!!!
T8 is strong enough for sure, obviously.

Nice, does your Kinroukaku have purplish edge around the leaves? It looks cool.

That's part of result of my ruining it back in the late winter.
I have two, but only this one was affected.
The yellow was lost, green tone looked dull, lots of purple pigments appeared along the edge abs underside of the leaves.
Kinroukaku is supposed to have purple only on the axis, the center where all the leaves meet.

The good thing is that the yellow is coming back as can be seen on that last picture. The purple however still persists.
It's a practice, I guess.
That last guy from the post #33 is open since last night. :D


A close up
The nectary, petal tips all have pink tinge.
Large flowers with strong scent. Best among what I have as far as the scent goes, along with Amami Island strain.
This thing has been very slow grower, but reliable bloomer.