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Feb 28, 2016
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Tamworth UK

Well you have seen my, Coelogynes but i do grow quite a few very close relitives to them and Dendrochilum's, chain orchids are one of my favourites. I now a lot of people dislike these plants, I can see why small flowers not massivley showy. But for me there is something about them the scent is very powerful for such tiny flowers.

I grow these at around 16/17C give they the same treatment as all my other orchids, they bulk up in to large plants very nicley and quickly.

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This one of the larger growing species Dendrochilum magnum, lovely orange flowers on long spikes with a musky spicy scent.

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This gets to the same size as the above but the bulbs stay small, this one is Dendrochilum latifolium, paler yellow green flower, musky sweet scent to it.

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This one always just fills the air with a lovely spicy citris sweet scent very strong. I love the crispness of the white on this plant Dendrochilum glumacium.

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This one is lovely yet refuses to flower for me I have no clue why as I do everything by the book. Dnedrochilum cobbianum is becoming the bain of my life, but has a lovely scent.

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This one is recent, it has not flowered this year it was a divison and I seem to find divions dont flower on the second year for me. But i love the green to Dendrochilum abbreviatum.

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This I brought becuase it is very strange looks more like a grass and my camera is not good enough to get, the size of the flowers there about 2mil big. love the wire like leafs of Dendrochilum tenellum.

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I love the coloure of this Dendrochilum wenzelii with it being red, I think I brought a fical plant as this one has not flowered might pick up a new one and see if the new plant flowers for readily.

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Another one with a tiny flower with a big scent, sort of like vanilla with a spicyness. When you can get this one Dendrochilum filiforme it can be expensive well in the UK that is.

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Dendrochilum javireri this has always flowered every year for me, I gave some of this away this year and only got one spike, this is last years pick. Hopefuly next year it will be back to this again.

I have just brought another species of Dendrochilum, that looks like is has got spikes on its new growths.
Just have got my first, a little plant still, and liked watching yours! Lovely, healthy plants! Wish you a nice 2017!
Just have got my first, a little plant still, and liked watching yours! Lovely, healthy plants! Wish you a nice 2017!

They wont stay small for long soon bulk up.

Yes the scent of them is what makes them so worth a spot in a collection.

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