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Jun 14, 2013
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New Zealand
This is a clone from a flask I got from Sam ('Jr Foxcatcher' x 'Foxcatcher'). I have been waiting for this one to flower as it always looked different from the rest of the flask. The leaves are rounder and thicker. I wonder if it might be tetraploid and/or peloric? Is it something that is worth selfing?IMG_6027.jpg
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Not peloric because it means floral parts mimicking the lip as I understand the term.
The lower half of the petals are mimicking the dorsal sepals to my eyes.
It is a case of malformation in my opinion. You might want to bloom it once more to see if it blooms out normally.
Odd balls of all kinds can happen to certain seedlings. That is part of the fun! :)
The leaves can be variable even within the species. That is to a certain degree.
what I find strange the most about those leaves are the pattern. It might just be the photo but it looks to me that the patterns are not typical of the species which looks like a snake skin.
I asked Sam his thoughts and he responded as follows:

‘It looks this has to be a 4n plant, just like the grand parent Fox Catcher. The leaves look almost identical. And the flowers too except the FC bloom normal most of the time. It has great potential as the FC. I would not give up on this yet. It will bloom normal and the leaves will look normal when it mature. This is similar to the FC. You are lucky and keep this.’

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