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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
I sure like these and I hope you do to.


I bought 4 godefroyae from the same vendor at the same time and some have dots on the pouch and others do not.


The above is Vanda M. Pearman. I bought this one off of e-bay. The tag says Paph. bellatulum album #2 x Paph. delenatii album #2. Personally, I think there is no album in it at all. Looks like a normanl Paph. Vanda M. Pearman to me. How about you?


This is Paph niveum 'Rainforest' AM/AOS x 'Cayugu' AM/AOS


The last photo is Paph. Bella Lucia which is (bellatulum x wellesleyanum) I was lucky enough to get this one off of E-bay from Hadley Cash at Marriott Orchids. I liked alot of what he had to offer but the vast majority sold for much more then I wanted to pay.

Thanks for viewing my photos!
I love them all; especially the godefroyae! The Vanda M. Pearman does look normal; so, either one or both of its' parents was also a normal, not an album. Too bad! A pure white V.M.P. would be nice!
very nice selection!

that is a normal colored VMP, but that does NOT mean that album parents weren't used on both sides. it just means that more than one gene is involved. i.e. if the particular delenatii album has a recessive mutation somewhere in the pathway for pigment synthesis (let's call the alleles aa), and the bellatulum album had a mutation in another gene in the same pathway (bb), then all the progeny will be AaBb since the delenatii album is NORMAL at the bellatulum locus and vice versa. i.e. the delenatii parent is aaBB and the bellatulum is AAbb. In the most simplistic view, AaBb will produce pigment like normal, and if you bought this VMP from the ebay vendor who's offering them, you can see in their pics that the plant leaf base is actually colored and it would be doubtful to get pure white progeny. one presumes that if no other genetic shenanigans are at work, selfing your VMP should produce 1/16 alba (aabb).
These are all nice looking blooms! I flowered a VMP from Parkside this spring. Both parents were listed as album yet the flower had markings similar to Bob's flower.

My experience is that bellatulum albums (albi?) are more vigorous plants. Any other opinions?


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