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A couple of compots for sale

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I have a couple of compots for sale. Below are the two crosses I made with pictures of both parents:

-Super Saint 'Queen of Peace' x Lady Isabel 'Shiloh' $40 ea. Only 2 available. Good sized seedlings.

-Lady Isabel 'Shiloh' x primulinum alba 'White Angel' $35 ea Only 3 available. These are large, vigorous seedllings.
(named Lucille Booth)

There are at least 25 seedlings (usually more) per compot. Many of the seedlings are ready for individual pots. I will ship them priority mail in the US only. $8 for the first, $1 all others.

Below is a picture of what the average compot looks like:


PM me if interesting.

Peter (Greenpaph)
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I bought one of Peter's compots, Super Saint 'Queen of Peace' x Lady Isabel 'Shiloh' $40 ea. It arrived this week in perfect condition as usual. This is my 5th compot I've gotten from Peter and I am more than happy with what he has sent. The previous compots are all progressing very well and I have most of the seedlings still going strong. You won't be sorry if you do order one of Peter's compots..

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