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Making space - a few slippers for sale

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Jun 7, 2006
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Hi All,

Apparently plants grow, so I'm selling off some extras to make room under the lights. The prices are listed and I can give you a price for shipping if you send me your zip code. Please send me a PM if you're interested in any.

Phrag. Glen Decker seedlings. This is a cross from OZ of Jason Fischer “Cherry Bomb” X kovachii “Leonardo Andre” FCC/AOS. There are 3 available in 2" pots for $25 each.

Phrag Eumelia Arias (schlimii x kovachii). This is an Orchid Inn cross. Each has one previously bloomed growth and a good sized new growth. There are 2 available in 5" pots for $40 each.

Phrag. Barbara LeAnn (besseae x fischeri). This one has one bloomed growth and a new growth. It is in a 3.5" pot for $20.

Paph. parishii. This is an Orchid Inn cross and is 'Dark Petals' x 'Jeanie' AM/AOS (sib cross, OIN036). This is a 4-plant compot in a 3.5" pot and is $60.

Paph. tranlienianum seedling. This is in a 2" pot and is $20.

Paph. niveum. It's currently in bloom but the flowers are going to fade in the next few days. It has 3 bloomed growths and one small new growth in a 3.5" pot. It is $20.



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