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For Sale: compots and a callosum

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Jun 7, 2006
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Hi All,

No one told me that small plants turn into big plants, so I've run out of room (again). As such, I've got to sell some of my seedlings and a plant or two. Bare-root shipping will be added at cost through USPS (or UPS/Fedex if you prefer). Unfortunately it's still hot here near DC so I won't be able to ship until it breaks. Hopefully a week from Tuesday. All the pics below show plants in 3.5" pots.

Please send me a PM or e-mail at [email protected] if you're interested in any.

$80 - 12 seedlings in 2 compots of Phrag. Glen Decker. I got these in flask from OZ and the cross is 'Jason Fischer Cherry Bomb” X kovachii “Leonardo Andre” FCC/AOS. There are plants that range in LS from 6 to 11 CM.

$20 - 2 seedlings of Phrag. Evening Blaze. I got these in flask from Chuck Acker and the cross is Twilight ‘Rising Rocket’ AM/AOS [4N] x Waunakee Sunset ‘Cherry’. They have LSs of about 18 and 22 CM.

$35 - 7 seedling compot of Phrag. humboldtii (a.k.a. popowii). I just repotted all the seedlings from this cross and the roots look good. I got these in flask from Hengduan. They range in LS from to 8 to 12 CM.

$30 - 5 seedling compot of Phrag. Manzur la Aldea. I got these in flask from Chuck Acker and is besseae 'Cow Hollow II' FCC/AOS x manzurii 'Waunakee'. They range in LS from 12 to 17 CM.

$40 - 10 seedling in 2 compots of Paph. parishii. I got these in flask from Orchid Inn and is a sib cross of 'Dark Petals' x 'Jeanie' AM/AOS. They range in LS from 7 to 11 CM. Please keep in mind that Paph. parishii is a very slow grower so these are many years from blooming.

$30 - 7 seedling compot of Paph. barbigerum var. vejvarutianum. I got these in flask from Hengduan. They range in LS from 6 to 10 CM.

$15 - Paph. callosum 'Burma' x 'Jac'. This is a cross of a normal color form and a vinicolor. It has 2 bloomed growths, 1 BS growth, and 3 smaller growths.


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