6/1/07 - In bloom sanderianum & NBS sanderianum

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Leo Schordje

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Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
Sanderianum in bloom, 4 available, one at my place, 3 at a friend's place. All from the same cross, parents not named. These are first bloom seedlings in 4 inch pots. They have really nice color. Petals are in the 16 inch & growing range. Not terribly long. Flower size is not exceptionally large. These are first bloom seedlings that will certainly improve on subsequent bloomings. Future blooms should be quite nice, possibly winners. Will email pictures to interested custometers. These are ONLY $375 each. A further discount if you want 3 or more to the same address.

NBS sanderianum - $250 each, 16 to 22 inch leaf spans, in 4 inch pots. These are from several different crosses, made with un-named parents.

Paph (primulinum x topperii) - nbs in 4 inch pots, 16 to 20 inch leaf span, 3 pairs of leaves. $40 each - these should be wonderful yellows with tan stripes in dorsal. At first glance one might think albino, but the dorsal will have strong tan stripes. 5 to 7 maybe more flowers per stem.

Paph (victoria-reginae x topperii) - nbs in 4 inch pots, 16 to 20 inch leaf spans. $40 each - these should be colorful, pink pouches, and dark stripes over white in the dorsals. 5 to 7 maybe more flowers per stem.

That is it for the moment. I will be in Milwaukee Saturday afternoon through Sunday, if I don't get back to you today, I will reply Monday.
Thanks - Leo


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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
Crud, I wish money were no object. Do you take largish, somewhat well-behaved children in trade?

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