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5 Phrags, $45 + shipping, SF Bay Area

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Nov 7, 2016
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Please read all info below.

Five phrags, bare root. Photos available if you are sincerely interested in purchasing.

1. Phrag richteri, many many growths, bloomed summer '17. ($40)

2. Phrag Piping Rock, one healthy growth. Had more growths but got some rot, treated with physan drench and cinnamon, remaining growth looks good. Cost me $75. ($5, with richteri)

3. Phrag. richteri 'FV' CBR/AOS x d'alessandroi 'FV' CHM/AOS (this may be named Phrag Olaf), 1 small growth, 1 baby growth, from Orchid In cost me $45, free with other plants.

4. Phrag Olaf Gruss (pearcei var amazonica x besseae 'Orange Lantern'), a tiny struggling plant, purchased from Norman's Orchids for $35.00. Free with other plants.

5. Phrag Don Wimber from Piping Rock (Eric Young 4N 'Haley Suzanne' AM/AOS x besseae 'Red'), 1 medium-sized growth, had rot at one point but those growths were cut off and treated with Physan drench, looks to be OK now. Paid $45, free with other plants.

Shipping/handling $25, USPS 3-day priority mail. I pack and ship very carefully. However I'm not a commercial grower, I don't have heat packs, so I won't send these to the northern 2/3s of the country until it warms up.

If you're in SF Bay Area, we could meet somewhere.