3 different Kovachii x Living Fire

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Rob congrats on the AM, thought you would like to see some of the variance in the hybrid

Here are three examples of the cross. the widest petal spread is about 6"

Edit: I should note that these are not mine but belong to Glen Decker.



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Just so they are all in the same thread for comparison... And this is the actual Award photo, which I hope is better.


hmmm.... Compares pretty favorably. I like mine best. *grin*
I think flower no.1 & flower no.2 are outstanding. Ron:clap:
Yep I love the first one too. I think the variation between them is interesting.
The first one has the best dorsal sepal of the four plants and probably the best pouch also. The petals are a bit tougher to sort out, none of them stands out for form from the others. The color is probably not true on all of them....
I think I'd pick #2 as well. It looks like the size of them are very similar?? It's hard to tell that from a photo.
I don't have the sheet, but it is in that range (5.5-6").

Hopefully we will see lots of these, so that we can actually get an idea of what to expect. It is really hard to judge something completely new.
I agree. There are many more in bud at the greenhouse. I will keep taking pics The Cape Sunset cross has been the most consistent in color, shape and size.
Sorry Ron, I like <Rob's and understand why the AM.
Thanks you all for sharing excelent pics.
No need to be sorry for liking one over the other. Things would have really been interesting had all these plants been presented to the same judging panel!
OK Eric. I think we are dealing here with a brilliant an intense color, that is my first impression. The petals appaerently are wider, and the pouch has a very fine form.
According to what we have seen the colors may change if we put more cool temperature at night when the bud is coming, so this may change if you flower a first seedling one color and next year you improve your culture techniques. The second major factor for you growers is the microelements in the feeding formulas. Check for concentrations of Boro and other microelements...
Have a nice week
...before I forget...
I remember at 1996 Tokyo Dome Show the curling petals of a magnificent Paph squirolei that was also awarded with a very high score at that International Show.
It is interesting here that in this forum, members also like the curling petals.... I agree with this position.

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