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Yes, I will be going. :). And going to Florida west coast orchid society show & sale tomorrow in St. Petersburg, Florida yippie

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I am thinking seriously about going. Trying hard to clear my desk of work (not too hard at the moment as I sip idly on a glass of well chilled white wine).
O.K. I couldn't help myself, and just spent the last couple of hours booking this event. If there are any other slackers like myself who still haven't committed now is the time. Too bad, I didn't book the hotel earlier to save a few bucks. Would consider taking on someone to share in the car rental or room to decrease the costs. After all, every dollar saved is another one for orchids.
Hi Bob
Im going as well, arriving friday @ 12 let me know if that timing works and I'll give you a ride.
Hi Rob, I'm flying in on Thursday around noon in order to attend the preview party on Thursday evening. If I understand things correctly there are talks all day Friday and Saturday. Then flying back on Sunday morning. Look me up at the hotel and we can go together to the auction at Franks and maybe take in a meal. Phillips is my last name so look me up when you get there.
Eric, I've seen the list of flasks from Hananjimo Orchids in Japan, very expensive many $200 and $300 each. I've also seen a list from Mainshow Orchids, pre-ordered as a matter a fact but no bellatulum alba (did have bellatulum) and no hangianum (did have 5 emersonii). That's all I know at this point and won't be taking photos as I have an old flip phone and aren't into the modern age, nor do I care to be.
Auction Highlights

This year there was a tremendous collection of generous auction donations from orchid nurseries around the world. The auction for all things non-slipper took place on Friday night, then all slipper orchids were saved for the auction Saturday after the Symposium presentations. I apologize if I have forgotten anyone, but some of the nurseries and individuals donating plants were:

Blumen Insel Orchids (Hanajima)
Hilo Orchid Farm
The Orchid Zone (John joined us at the Symposium and arrived bearing wonderful gifts!)
Hatfield Orchids
Ingram's Better Orchid Books
Mainshow Orchids
Marriott Orchids
Orchid Inn
H&R Nurseries
Peruflora (kovachii!!!)
Gold Country
Carmela Orchids
Lehua Orchids
New World Orchids
Waldor Orchids
Wilson Orchids
David Toyoshima
Carlos Fighetti
Bill Thoms

And the list goes on and on - there may be others of which I'm unaware, but the donations were plentiful and they were OUTSTANDING! It was the most successful auction in years for the American Orchid Society and people took home some really great stuff. There was a division of Miyamoto Award-Winner Rlc. Memoria Rosa Vasquez 'Rafael', FCC/AOS that went for $4,000! A huge plant of Bulbophyllum rothschildianum with the biggest, fattest, reddest flowers anyone had ever seen went for $3,000. It was crazy. Of course, there were many successful bids in the more affordable range as well.

Here are a few photos (please excuse photo quality - these shots are quite random because by the time I decided to try and get some photos, the only way to take these shots was from a distance whenever there was enough room between eager previewers to reveal the plants) of some of the paphs auctioned on Saturday night. Most of the in-flower paphs seen here were donated by The Orchid Zone:

Potential bidders getting one last look before the auction begins:




If this auction had a "star", this was it. Paph. Amber King (Telstar x Crazy Jolly) from The Orchid Zone.
MONSTROUS flower of incredible form and substance on a 12" stem.


Anyone see a little parvi in there?

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wow amazing. every year i say "one of these years i'll make it there" ... so i'll say it again, "one of these years" :)

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