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  1. Ernieg96

    ISO: Saint Swithin (philippinense alba parent)

    Has this cross been made? I haven’t been able to find any for sale. If anyone here has one in their collection they’re willing to share a division of, please reach out. 🙂
  2. Ernieg96

    First Flasks

    With quarantine in full swing, I’ve decided to really lean into the hobby and buy my first flasks. I took advantage of Sam’s Fourth of July sale and purchased five flasks— thaianum, niveum, leuchochilum, philippinense, and rothschildianum. Here they are on 7/8, freshly potted in a mix of...
  3. Ernieg96

    White discoloration—physical damage or something else?

    I received this Paph. philippinense in the mail last month. It had very minor shipping damage, nothing to be concerned about. However, I noticed where the leaves got creased, the tissue has become soft and white. Is this something to be worried about?
  4. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum Phoebe (bellatulum x philippinense)

    Like this primary hybrid very much. Hopefully the pouch will do better next time :)
  5. Calvin_Tiong

    Paphiopedilum Jolly Holiday (liemianum x philippinense)

    A free gift from my friend. Love this paph very much :)