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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Delenatii ‘Dumbo’ and Mates

    I inherited back this plant from a buddy after he moved out west. I originally called him ‘Dumbo’ (the plant, not my friend lol) because the petals reminded me of said ears, big and floppy! He is the first to bloom and following not far behind are his mates, an album and a semi-dunkle, both...
  2. N

    What’s wrong with my delenatii leaf?

    I just got this seedling delenatii for a week now. I grow it in temperature between 21c (70f) at night and up fo 31c (89f) during the day. Humidity is between 30% at night and normally goes up to 60% sometimes 70-80% during the day. I also run a fan close to the orchid but not directly to it And...