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  1. baodai

    Thank You Chuck Acker

    I purchased flasks from him. Really nice person to talk to Bd
  2. baodai

    Thank You Chuck Acker

    Thank You again Baodai
  3. baodai

    Phrag ???

    From Chuck Acker Thanks, BD
  4. baodai

    A candy :) Paph. canhii

    Killing wide life, cutting trees, burn the forest for land... It kills more plants (including orchid) than wide collection plants .... Stop blaming only the local collection please, government's killing more plants than you can think of
  5. baodai

    A candy :) Paph. canhii

    say whatever you want, the fact is: you can't stop people do what they want to do. In Vietnam, everything on the public (forest, ocean, public land) is fair game (doesn't matter small, big). There are laws, but if you get catch there's slab on the face (fine). You can (what if) forever if you...
  6. baodai

    best wishes for our queens member eric m

    Glad you are doing fine. Get well soon Eric BD
  7. baodai

    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    Canh can take you for orchid hunt also Rick, Would you like to go? BD
  8. baodai

    What is this bug?

    Hi Eric, Too many pots to repot. I can see them from my clear pot specially on my clivia pot ... I just hate hate them ... I can deal with mealybug but not this one BD
  9. baodai

    What is this bug?

    yes and they love to destroy my fir bar
  10. baodai

    What is this bug?

    What is this bug? and how to kill them Thanks, BD
  11. baodai

    Lycaste ID please

    Thank you all BD
  12. baodai

    Lycaste ID please

    Hello, Can't figure out the name of this one, Can someone ID it? and do you have any for sale? Thanks, BD
  13. baodai

    Phrag Elfin's Candy#2

    Don't know about you guy/gal, but this plant sharp remind me about paph hangianum BD
  14. baodai

    The Sorcerer and me!

    Rick, Now, I want a division of that, whenever you want to divide Thanks, BD