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Ummm some of them have a name tag where we can see what's written on it, though ;)
Hangianum is so obvious with or without the tag shown in the photo.
There is no hangianum album by the way. The leaves alone indicate it has either parvi or brachy influence. The flower shape is actually quite telling also. I happen to know the name of this hybrid actually.
It is Paphiopedilum Hung Sheng Wonder, a hybrid between (hangianum x green bulldog) x armeniacum.
The next one is Hsinying Little Lippe.
Next one is typical of complex (bulldog) x Maudiae type, which is it? No way to tell without seeing the name.
Next is obvioulsy vinicolor Maudiae type and charlesworthii either as one parent or grandparent. Again, lots of hybrids that look pretty much the same.
The rest are Gloria Naugle (or something similar obviously), stonei, Shun-Fa Golden (although my initial guess before seeing the tag was that this is a combination of malipoense, hangianum and bellatulum), ang-thong x micranthum album.
I have no idea what Phalaenopsis that is. The photo is blurry. hehe
I was watching a video of the Taiwan show and found out the name of the vini hybrid!!
It is Paphiopedilum Tristar Red Candle (Shun-Fa Web x charlesworthii) registered by Tristar in 2022.
Shun-Fa Web is (Hsinying Web x Hung Sheng Bay).

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