Will it make 8 open flowers???????

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Grandma M


sendenii var. Rosum 'Bern Crest'. I think I will have to say this is my favorite phrag. Will she give me 8 blooms at one time?????

Each time another flowers opens I take another picture. I now have 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, and this one makes 7 at time. Three have already fallen off, one, last week, 1 today, and one I bumped off before I even got to take a picture of it. OUCH. I think it was the first bloom.

I have been watching and waiting for 8 blooms to open at one time. I took this pic yesterday with 7 open at once but this morning one fell off. Unless some of the other buds (there are many still to open) bloom at the same time, I don't think it will make 8. So far it has given me 9 flowers.

I now have 2 stems in bloom and another smaller stem with lots of buds not ready to open yet.

It is an 8 inch pot - - S/H with Hydroton. I grew this one under a 430 W HID lamp.


Grandma M

The four on the bottom are on the same stem as the two on the top. I don't know why they fell of in that order, except the one I bumped off came from the middle.

The second stem only has one in bloom now, but the third stem is growing at a good speed but it will be a while before I can count those buds.


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Nov 30, 2006
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Central Ohio
how far away from the light do you grow your plant? Do you have fans to reduce the risk of leaf burn? I am planning to switch my plants to a HID light and am not sure how close to put them.
Also , I assume it is most intense right under the middle of the light.

Grandma M

I just measured. The hood is 48 inch from the BOTTOM of the tray. The bulb would be a little higher. About 6 inches. I do have a ceiling fan running 24/7 I also have a humidifier which has a blower. My room, in the basement, is about 12 X 14. That plant was under the hood with a 430 W HID but I aslo have a 600 W on a light track across the room from that one.

In the summer time I also run another fan to help keep the heat down. That one sits by an open window.

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