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Hi all,

My gratrixianum tends to gets its keaves brown at the bottom and they feel kind of fleshy... the leaves also seem to get longer and pale green too at the same spot... What should I do? Is it because there is not enough light?

I would also like to know what to do to make my paph more vigorous... Are they in general growing slowly? I see around the forum that others' orchids grow fine!!! What's wrong with mine!!! (Jeez, I need to learn and do much more!!!)
I have just adjusted some pc fans around my orchids to promote air circulation and put them on the west facing window (they get some direct sun light only for 15 to 20 min.) I will turn back to artificial lighting at(?) autumn, because light conditions change a lot (from autumn to late spring)

I was also wondering if cinnamon could be treated to root as a bacteriaside! What if I boiled some vcinnamon sticks and then spray the exctract on the orchids' roots!! Would that be ok?What do you think?

Heather could you please tell me in which thread did you put your directions for growing conditions?

Thank you a lot...

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