What is wrong with my plants?

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I know this is not a paph or a phrag, but John (Phrag) suggested that I post the picture here. I purchased a couple Neostylis Lou Sneary from John about a month ago. Recently, I noticed some black spots on both plants. Does anyone know what is wrong with these plants?

Where do you live? Its hard to tell, but it looks like cold damage. New leaves are more suseptable. I don't grow neos, so I don't know how sensitive they are as a whole.
Seems like the problem stemmed from heat (from my inexpert eyes)?

So far we have heat and cold as the prognosis. And also rot and not-rot. I think we need more photos, especially from the side. Honestly, I have no idea what this is, and I am inclined to just refund the money for these plants.
Well, I performed surgery on both plants, since the spots are spreading. Below is a picture that I just took. You can still see some black spots. (My new digital camera is not working too well.)

Could be spots where water drops sat on the leaf and caused localized problems due to cold or heat. Just leave the poor plant alone - it will probably recover on its own. These are tough little plants. Is that a spike I see in the first pic?