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Sep 22, 2006
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Hi All,

I visited one of local paph breeder, and I found this. What do you think of it?


Bob in Albany said:
That leuco. is too good to have been grown here in the U.S. So where are you from and were did you see it? We all want to know.

Hi Bob,

Yes, it is leuco.! It is one of the best around here in Bangkok, Thailand. It is called "number 5" by the owner. So, guess how many he has! This flower is the first of two from the same growth. There is another one coming from another growth. Most likely there will be three of them this season.

The story goes that he produced around 100 flasks of this cross. Due to various reasons, only handful remained. According to him this one is not the best yet.

I have a pic of the pollent plant of the cross, if I could locate it, I'll post it.

Bob in Albany said:
My good friend Chien is going from Taiwain to visit his friend in Bangkok Thailand next week. They are going to visit the Mu Orchid Nursery. Any chance that is where that is from?

Nop! This one came from a less (international) famous breeder.


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