Went to the Denver Botanic Gardens today....

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It was really crowded in there, so I didn't take too many photos. I had intended to take more photos in the Cloud Forest room in the conservatory, but the misting system was on most of the time (it was hot in Denver today), and I got tired of waiting for people to move out of the way and and the mister to be off at the same time :)

Anyway, they had some nice orchids, but not much in the way of slippers. The only slipper was a Phrag. HYBRID that was planted along a creek that runs through the conservatory, and another plant of the same hybrid in the cloud forest room (might have been schlimii x longifolium).

In the end, I just took some pictures of things that cought my eye as I walked through. Free entry to the DBG is about the only reason that I'm considering re-newing my AOS membership. So, thought I'd post a few of the photos, here:






This last image is the cloud forest room. They seem to move nicer plants into it in the winter, but its pretty just about any time of year.


Anyway, if any of you are in the Denver area, it's worth dropping by :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore

I love the ginger and the yellow Aristolochia peruviana!
I really should start collecting Aristolochias again, I love them.

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