Went to judging today with 7 came home with 3

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Sep 16, 2007
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Pearland TX
Gave a preview of this one in my delenatii thread.

micranthum fma. eburneum 'Sexy' HCC/AOS


Judges thought it was on the small side, barely made the cut. 75pt

Paph ciliolare 'Rick's Pink Panther' HCC/AOS 79pt. Posted this one earlier



Paph delenatii fma album 'White Rabbit' AM/AOS. This is the fourth time to bloom and it hit on the right date! Also, first time to bloom with 2 flowers.




The ones that didn't make the cut;
lawrenceanum v. hyeanum. The judges didn't think the photographer could capture the flower without catching some of the synsepal (extra tissue). Of course I could not show my ST posting to show it was avoidable.


The std delenatii F3 I made. Too pale compared to today's standards (the vini X stds):poke:


javanicum- too weak of a stem. Of course the judges didn't know anything about most species slipper, yet alone this one. javanicums must all have weak tall stems and grow in tall grasses/ brush which supports the stems. oh well next time.


Dot's Phrag Joyce's Island Sunset because it sweep to the right
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Good for you SK! I'm sure you've noticed that most AOS
judges know very little about most slipper orchids. I bestow on you the second ST/Award of Merit and the first
of 2017.
No awards because it sweeps to the right?
How ridiculous! Then, again, I have no interest in awards or judging.

Beautiful bunch!
Congratulations Rick. Your strike rate is amazing. I got a NFS ciliolare yesterday. I hope it looks half as good as yours.
Congrats on the awards. The eburn is super nice! Love the colors, how big is it? So many of them are tiny compared to standard micranthum. I hope they didnt compare it to non eburneums. IMHO it should be a different species.


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No awards because it sweeps to the right?
How ridiculous! Then, again, I have no interest in awards or judging.

Beautiful bunch!

I don't understand your comment. Symmetry is an important criteria in orchid judging. This flaw is pretty obvious even to a non-orchid judge. If you ignore flaws and award everything then you devalue the whole award system. Only the very best should receive an award. Maybe next time it will have better symmetry and it can be awarded.
MorandWine, I will try to take a pic of the paperwork tonight. I wondered the same thing. Reading over the last 3 awards the support group came up with is unclear. None used the word, eburneum in their description.
To the credit of the judges, they realize albanistic flowers do run smaller then the norm.
If I'd had one more day the petals would of been flatter. I had no choice, it would of not made for April 's judging.
I agree with you David. I realized the flower had flaws but its Dot's plant and I was trying for her, not that she ask I just took it in.

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