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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Da da~~ Finally after six years of waiting!
A bit small & pale but pretty
I don’t think I’ve seen a bad Magic Lantern. Among my favorite hybrids!

Paphiopedilum Magic Lantern
(delenatii ‘Windy Hill’ HCC/AOS x micranthum ‘War Eagle’ HCC/AOS)
This is the only seedling I kept out of the flask from years ago. The plant was in community pot with its siblings for the first two years, then moved to this 2.5 inch tall pot in 2015. No repotting since.
Look at those roots!

From very early on, this seedling had two growths unlike the rest of others.
It has just started a third growth. Interestingly, the flower started to move upward to the sky over the course of a couple of weeks. It's funny. ha~
Grown under T8 in the last three years.
Natural light by the window before.





Nice ML. And kudos to your patience to grow them!

What light is turning the flower? The T8 or sunlight? It is strange as I have never seen this happened before post-bloom. Perhaps the 2nd bud is growing and pushing thhe elongation?

I took it out of light some time ago as the spike grew tall. So, if anything, it would be the sun light, but other paphs that bloom in the same spot maintain their flower facing forward rather than upright like this. Interesting for sure! It's like a puppy looking up at me. hahaha
What a lovely plant and a good flower - worth keeping.
As nice as it is, I think I might give this one away.
My best ML is in spike again, which is odd, but I'm excited about it.
Also, ML made with a dunkel delenatii that I bought earlier this summer is in bud already, which is a nice surprise! If this one opens up nicely, then, I'll definitely remove a couple of other plant, I think. :)
My Dollgoldi is just hanging out! :( I think it's learning bad habits from the POTS full of Gloria Naugle and Woluwense!

My big Dollgoldi continues to grow big and make more fake sheaths that never make flowers out of. I have another Dollgoldi that is clumping up nicely and throwing a couple of fake sheaths as well. Then, I have this crappy Dollgoldi that doesn't do anything but just sitting there staying alive. I'm about to dump that one and buy a new one from Orchid Inn. :)

None of my Gloria Naugle show any signs of blooming for years now. They are the slowest among my multi x parvi plants. but also the most compact plants so I keep them patiently waiting.

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