US sources for Australian terrestrials

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Jun 7, 2006
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Richmond, VA
US sources for Australian terrestrials?

Much like Japanophile John and his love of Japanese orchids, I'm a big fan of the Aussie terrestrials. Unfortunately, they are kind of hard to find up here in this quadrant. Some pop up on eBay once in a while. Anyway, does anyone know any US sources for genera like Pterostylis and other such stuff?

I would start with Andy's and J&L Orchids

They both seem to have a wild selection of species from all over the world. I don't know exactly what you are looking for, but if you don't see it on the two websites listed above, I would contact them and ask if they can source them for you. Good luck!

O.K. - Import restrictions may be a hassle - but when you say Australian terrestrials what are you referring to? Phais are a little large but things like diurys aren't.

I'm not personally all that big on Aussie terrestrials myself but our society regularly gets a selection of "bulbs" for sale in envelopes for us to try to grow. I bought some last year and it was a dismal failure. That aside, why don't you enquire of the guys in the Australian Native Orchid Society @ ? :)

i've always wanted to grow Corybas, but i don't know how difficult they are and i've never seen them offered anywhere....
My dream aussie is Caleana major, which is quite possibly the coolest orchid on earth. But i've never seen those offered anywhere either :(

How cute is that little duck! I've not seen this one before. It's probably a terrestrial? But it should be an "air plant."
I know an AOS judge from the Atlanta center that has a conection for the more common species (namely the Pterostylus).

I also tried to chase down some vendors and ended up with a place in Stillwater OK, but I didn't persue and lost the name.

Also in the back of John Tullock's Growing Hardy Orchids is a list of vendors which includes a couple of European outlets for Australian terrestrials.

My Orchids (Germany)
Thanks for all the information and links! I'm mainly just interested in finding some Pterostylis curta tubers. I'm pretty comfortable getting those because they are fairly common in cultivation, multiply rapidly, and there's extremely little chance of them coming from the wild. I'm certainly content with leaving the rare ones in their home continent.
maybe you guys should contact les nesbitt and see if he exports he carries a large range of terrestrials in fact i'm planning anorder from him this december.
Thanks, everyone, for the great links. Gives me fodder for my next "Orchids in Cyberspace" column for our newsletter.
Just thought I'd let y'all know that the latest catalogue from Les Nesbitt is out, and he does export overseas...

Of interest are:-

a variegated form of Pterostylis nutans

an alba form of Pterostylis nutans

of course, there are the Diuris, the other greenhoods (Pterostylis), Helmet Orchids (Corybas), etc etc...

If anyone would like his email address, just PM me.

On OGD this morning...

Dear all,

This is to inform you that we expect to have a number of native
Australian terrestrial orchid species available for resale later this
year, as well as several of their hybrids. Material will arrive straight
from Australia, where the growing season for winter-green deciduous
terrestrial orchids is opposed to ours in the Northern Hemisphere. Full
adjustment to a Northern Hemisphere Mediterranean-type growing cycle may
be expected to take 1 to 3 years.

People who are interested, are kindly requested to send for a price list
at [email protected]

Although we will serve customers outside the European Union and are able
to arrange phytosanitary certificates and CITES-permits, it should be
realised that the latter will seriously increase the order total. For
details please inquire.

With kind regards,

Simon M. Wellinga / SymPhyto - Laboratory for in vitro plant propagation
Heerenveen, The Netherlands / EU

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