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Jun 6, 2006
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There are three options for uploading your photos to the Slippertalk web site.

Photo Upload Directly to Slippertalk
You can upload photos directly to the Slippertalk server. This is a bit of a drain on resources so if possible, using one of the alternative methods is actually preferred but it is up to you.

When creating a new post, scroll down and choose “Manage Attachments” from the menu options below the message body. Click “Choose File” and choose a photo from your hard drive. Click “Upload” and your images will be inserted into the message. *Note – they must be smaller than 39.1 KB (which is pretty small) so that is another reason to use one of the other options for posting photos.

Photo posting using Photobucket:
You can upload your photos to an online image hosting site such as Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com). See the following site for more photo hosting options. http://www.free-webhosts.com/free-image-hosting.php

To link to a picture from Photobucket:

1) Have the picture in digital format. If it a photograph on photographic paper you will need to use a scanner to get it onto a computer. If it is a digital camera then just load the file onto your computer.

2) Re-size the picture to sensible proportions. Please try to keep photos on the smaller side, both for ease of viewing and quicker download time for those on dial-up connections.

3) Save the picture as a .jpg or .gif

4) In your posting, make an "IMG" link directly to the image to display as an actual part of your posting by typing like this:


(*make sure there are no spaces, I had to do that so it wouldn't think these were actual links.)

Posting photographs using Image Shack
On the screen where you type in your message that you want to post, look just below the main message box and you should see "Upload your images to ImageShack"

If you click on “Choose File”, you can select the photo file from your hard drive. Once you choose the file, click on the "host it!" button right below it. It takes a minute to upload the file.

You will then see 6 or 7 lines of URL that you can copy. The description of each type is to the right. Select whichever type you prefer and copy and paste it into the message you are posting. The best ones to try are Thumbnails for forums (1), Hotlink for forums (1), and Direct Link (this last one, when you paste it into the body of your message, you will need to surround the link with image tags
making sure there are no additional spaces between the tags and the link you’ve just copied in.)

To view how your message and photos will look before submitting your message, you can choose the preview button to be sure everything looks the way you had hoped.

Good luck, and let us know if you need further assistance!
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Imageshack has changed the way the uploading works.
You should be able to just follow the new instructions by choosing "browse", then choose your photo, and then "host it". That's where it gets redundant because then it takes you to the image shack web site and you have to repeat what you just did: "browse", choose the photo, then "host it". Then, choose the last option listed "Direct Link" and copy the url. Paste the url into your new message and surround it with the image tags
Submit your message and that should post the direct photo graphic (not just a link).

Please let me know if any of this is unclear - there has been some confusion as of late.
If you don't like imageshack or photobucket, SlipperTalk is always welcomed to use the OrchidBoard gallery. It's very simple, make an album and upload photos. We're about to have 5 times the storage now, so planty of room for everybody.
I've been using Photobucket and the
language to post photos. Lately, however, the photos don't show up, just the links. You can click on the link and the photo will come up, but I prefer that people just see the photos without clicking the link. Is there any way to change this? Am I missing something? :confused:

I'm asking, as I just returned from the Orchid Exhibit at the NY Botanical Gardens and have taken a bunch of photos I'd like to post. It was a wonderful show!!!!
ooo..... lots of photos?...
do you mean that when you are writing the post that it only shows the tag? if so, that's correct. try hitting the preview post button to see if it shows up.
otherwise, are you copying and pasting the "IMG Code" line?
Yes, Lots of photos!!! That's why I'd prefer to have the photos come up on the message rather than the links! When I preview the post, it only shows the links and not the photos. What I do is to call up the photo on Photobucket and then left click on 'properties' and copy & paste the link from there.

Perhaps I'm doing too much work? I might try hosting from Picturetrail (where I have an account) rather than from Photobucket.

there's a line that reads "IMG Code". try copying and pasting that into the post. actually, when i click on the IMG Code line, it automatically copies it so all i'll have to do is paste in my slippertalk post.
(i think there may be a limit on how many photos can be in each post but that just means you'll have to add a second post, or if needed, several more....)
does that make sense? is that what you're doing?
Thanks Likespaphs!

I'm going to experiment and try it right here. I was just blown away with the architecture of the Conservatory. There is no way that I could have taken a photo of the entire structure. It is huge!!!!


Whooo Hoooo! :rollhappy: It worked! And it is so easier that what I have been doing!!!

Looks like I will be posting the photos in installments.
Heather, I want it too. :poke:

We can share. :rollhappy:

There's probably room in there for everyone on this forum. :evil:
Same request here as for the Phrag photos. Could posters PLEASE keep the pics to reasonable viewing size.
Do you have dial up? Roy can you or someone recommend what reasonable size is? I normally have picked a smaller choice on image shack but then I would get postings like - nice, too bad the picture is so small! I now use the next size up. Can't please everybody, I personally like the big ones, but if I had dial up I can certainly understand it!
I use dial up but with better than normal dial up speed. The speed is not the problem. I think the setting people put their pics on image shack is too big. I don't know if its set or adjustable. I use photo bucket with the download image size set at 320 x 240. It gives nice size pics that are easy to see and downloand quickly. ie user friendly. I can set it to full screen but thats useless for forum work.
Toms Pics


Primulinum var flavum x Adductum


Yellow Tiger 'M' am/aos x Adductum 'R.B.' am/aos
It had 5 flowers but they are slowly fading,4 now. I am using it for breeding

Sorry for the size, they were smaller before. lol
Tom, your right, the pics are way too big to be appreciated on my screen, as per others in the forum who agreed, but the flowers are nice. I have a primulinum x adductum seedling and yours is the first pic I have seen of the cross, thanks.

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