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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
Phrag Patti MacHale is a primary cross of (pearcei x sargentianum). I had wanted to divide it but this is such a long blooming plant. The last flower fell at the end of Nov 2007...I got busy with the holidays and by mid January it was again in spike. I discovered spike #5 today :party: Hoping for one more, if I get #6, I may get it judged. It is a not very common primary hybrid with relatively compact, stiff, broad leaves and sequentially blooming for 8 months of the year. I would love to cross this with kovachii to get larger flowers with longer blooming time and increased bud count but will have to wait some time to do this. I tried a kovachii hybrid on it last year but it didn't take. What would you cross this with? besseae?? walisii?? kovachii hybrid?? I need to consider for this year.

Here is a pic of a previous flowering.

I can only find one use of it in a hybrid: Tess Elizbeth Bernstein = Patti MacHale x Memoria Dick Clements. Does anyone have a pic of Tess Elizbeth Bernstein??
I posted a photo before of a cross I have labled Patty McHale X EY....it did not bloom again this year.
If you can't find it I will try and find the original and post again.
What do you want to accomplish?
a X with kovachii sounds good ....
that MDC x sounds good too ....
as does x wallisii .... all should have different results.
If this is an uncommon hybrid, does anyone else have a nice Patti MacHale?
Are you using it as the pod parent? or the pollen parent? Even more possibilities if there are pod parents available!
Rose the cross is wonderful for long blooming period and sequential blooming traits and still a compact plant. These traits would be desirable and it is mainly that which I would like to pass on in a hybrid.

I am friends with Alfredo Manrique and we communicate back and forth by e-mail. A note from him last week, indicated that all of his kovachii are now in spike. I will see if he is interested in using this one in a cross and I can get pollen to him if he is.

I know about what the cross would look like if I used caudatum, much like Phrag Demetria. There is a very dark pouched Grande that I could also use.

x besseae would be similar to MDC and Eric Young unless my yellow besseae one blooms I might consider that.

schlimii is another cross I am considering for both of Patti's parents individually crossed with schlimii are very nice!

I can use it a pod or pollen parent depending on which crosses I choose.
Stopped blooming in November and started new spikes in January. WOW That's why I want to get some compact multi's. Just have to look at the suggestions people made and pick one out.
Ron, why is it a specimen plant? Do you have a photo of the whole plant?
Well Eric, it must now have close to 30 growths, some previously bloomed, 5 in spike and others in different stages of growth. I will have to take a picture for you.

Good news...Alfredo is going to take pollen and use it in a cross with kovachii. Who knows, maybe I will have a kovachii hybrid named after me. At my request, he is also going to remake Patti MacHale.
Thanx. I'm starting to get worried; some of the seedlings are taking off and I blocked off 1 of the 2 access ways to the front of my living room. Now I'm installing trays on wall shelving w/ lights for seedlings but if stuff get 30 GROWTHS!!!! I might have a big problem!
Eric, I warned you that your seedlings were going to grow :poke: My 30 growth plant is in an 8" pot still. Maybe you better go with a 2 bedroom apt and make one of the rooms a grow room.

This plant went from a 2 or three growth plant to a 30 growth plant in a little over 5 years.

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