Two more paphs. blooming today.

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
First is Paph. Knight's Honor 'Snowflakes'. This was originally in the collection of Aquacorps. The plant originated at the Orchid Zone and was a select plant. This I determined by the tag that is preprinted at the Orchid Zone that says select. The blooming growth has a leaf span of 12 inches. It also has another growth that is about the same size. That growth is previously bloomed but not under my care. There is also a small start and a 7 inch growth. The natural spread on the flower is 9.5 c.m.


Next is a Kevin Porter that I picked up from Parkside maybe 2 years ago as a 4 inch seedling. This is a primary cross between bellatulum and micranthum. It is a single growth seedling with a leaf span of 7 1/2 inches. The stem is about 4 inches tall. The flower looks hugh to me on this plant. The natural spread of the flower is 8 c.m. Flower has some cupping to it and the pouch has that sort of dimple in it, which I assume will not be there on the next flowering. Color seem strong compared to the only other one I have flowered.


I thought a visual might help, as far as flower size to plant ratio.


Hope you enjoy my little treasures.
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