Two more Bulbos

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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
This grandiflorum is putting on a good show this time, and the fascinator produced a double bloom.

For as big as the grandiflorum flower is, it has a tiny lip.

Thanks Uri
It took a few years to get started blooming, but this is the second blooming in less than a year, and each time it put out 7-10 flowers.
PHRAG said:
Do all bulbo's have scents, or just a few? What do these smell like Rick?

I'm starting to think that its just a few bad apples have given the bulbos such a stinky reputation. The fascinator does have a faint odor reminiscient of boiled crab (kinda yucky), but I've never detected an odor from any of my Hylosemas, including the grandiflorum. I also have some species that have fairly pleasent scents, patens and related species smell like cloves.

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