Epidendrum ciliare

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Ricardo Boricua

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Nov 27, 2023
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Puerto Rico
In Puerto Rico, there are at least two, and possibly more, orchids with flowers that look identical to Epidendrum ciliare. The variability among the plants with ciliare flowers is quite wide. In the northwest of the island you can find epiphytic plants that bloom with canes that are little more than three inches tall that produce a short inflorescence with few flowers. In the northeast you find tall plants more than a foot tall that produce inflorescences with eight or more flowers and are lithophytes. In the photo, one of the short pseudobulb type. IMG_2887.JPG
Well I can only think of one at the moment, Epidendrum nocturnum. But the side lobes of the lip are solid, looking like small kites. As your excellent image shows, ciliare's lip is fringed. Nocturnum is supposed to be native to Florida but in the 9 years that I lived there, I never saw one unless it was in a botanical garden setting. But they are awfully pretty!! Great image. 👍
Not sure why, but this is one of my favorites as well, despite having grown hundreds of species and hybrids over the past 50+ years.

In the 1970s I spent some time on the island of Montserrat. The higher elevations on the road linking the airport and the capital, Plymouth were bordered with scrubby trees literally covered in E. ciliare. It was a very compact form.

I doubt there are any / many left after all the volcanic activity in the years since I was there.
Beautiful! I had one many years ago, but it soon became too large for my space. I’d love to find one of the comactgrowers!
This one took best Epidendrum at the Key West show 3 weeks ago when it was maybe 2/3 in flower.
As you can see the earlier blooms are starting to fade so I'd guess it's in bloom like 6-8 weeks.

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