trying to post a picture of black paph

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I copied the directions and am still unsure if this is right, I really would like to include pictures in my posts/replies, but find it difficult. I do not really want to have to paste a link to see photos and feel that others do not want to either. I am using photobucket and the instructions I down loaded from SOF. If this does not work, is there any easier way? This is getting frustrating for me




When you create your message, you should see a series of icons above the area where you type. There is an icon that looks like a square that is yellow with a peak (I think it is supposed to be a mountain). if you click on it, a window will popup for you to type in the window address.

Hope that helps.
Thanks I seem to have figured it out with a lot of help. The backgound fabric is a bad choice. I asked for something cheap and would not wrinkle, they sold me this. I suspect it is some manmade polyester from the Star Trek uniform collection-it reflects too much light for me
Black silk velvet works nicely and does not wrinkle. All you really need is about 1.5 yards.

You can also scroll down and look for the 'Imageshack' icon. Choose the file directly on your computer, then click upload. Then choose the last (I think it's the last - see instructions in the photo gallery (they're the same as at SOF, I wrote them. :) ) and then you can copy and paste the link into the post. I find that the easiest cause you don't have to upload to photobucket or some other place first.

Nice dark paph!!
Ron-NY said:
Nice dark one!!!:clap:
with photobucket, you just need to copy the IMG address and paste it into your post.

what he said!
(if you're unsure if what you tried worked, don't forget there is a 'preview post' option at the bottom. just don't forget to post it after you've got it as you'd like....)
Nice hybrid. Looks a little something like what Jason (jmoney) posted not to long ago. I can imagine that the flowers were pretty big. Thanks for the photos
I think you are right about jmoney post. He mentioned something about perfect flowers being rare(=$) and he was right, I got this one for a steal because the grower did not think it was good form. I wonder if subsequent flowerings will improve it?

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