The story of a small Paph

Discussion in 'Greetings & Salutations' started by Hoppy, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Thanx. That's exactly what I was looking for... :) .

    My complication is that the door to a warm area is blocked by the last batches of plants that I haven't found places for yet. The door i am using opens to the unheated garage . Consequently I really don't move plants easily anywhere. And there is not enough open volume in the greenhouse to have a setup there. It's also so crowded in the greenhouse, that even moving the plants is an effort. :).

    One might think that I have a 'gotta have it' kind of problem to solve first.

    Those folks would clearly just be confused.

    Thanx for sharing your setup description. It's helpful. :)

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