The Russian tank purposely crushed Ukrainian civilian car

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Putin is an egotistical, narcissistic, homicidal maniac, as was Hitler and Stalin. this is all about his ego and glory! He dreams of returning Russia to it's glory days and being it's modern Czar!
How true, in his eyes the territory of the state Ukraine was stolen from Russia when the state of Ukraine got its autonomy from the former Soviet Union in 1991. Hereby he ignores, that Ukraine was either no part of Russia or independent for many years, beginning in the medieval.
One thing I learned about China a few weeks ago; supposedly, when Australia spoke up slightly about not liking something China had done, China knee jerk reacted and embargoed Australian tanker shipments. Many tankers were loaded with coal. China is dependent on outside energy to bolster its manufacturing and infrastructure and wasn’t paying attention to the long term effects of blocking Australian coal (ego and all that…) and they have used a great deal of their reserves of coal. Rumor is that Russia has redirected some of the gas from Europe to China. Gas isn’t coal, but the two may be tying together energy wise, if the info was correct